TM stroppen - Lastsikring av rundballer



About us and TM stroppen:



was developed, tested and is distributed by Trevland Maskin AS.

The idea to make the TMstroppen came when we transported round bales. We could not find a good way for lashing round bales during transportation.

Testing with some homemade samples we came to a solution very close to what became TMstroppen.

We contacted one of the biggest producers in the world for production and he was willing to produce. We sent the drawing for design registration at the same time and we got it registrated.

Design registrert in 64 countries

The first sample produced to our spec. was tested and found to meet the spec.

The order was sent for the first production and the TMstroppen was launched Friday 13.09.2013.

Trevland Maskin AS
Lefsrødveien 332, 3243 Kodal

Hans Arne + 47 915 76 040
Henning     + 47 997 93 261





TM stroppen - Lastsikring av rundballer


TM STROPPEN- Lashing of bales

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